Happy Healthy Kitchen – Supplements

Happy Healthy Kitchen – Supplements

I used to take the average multi vitamin daily like everyone else. I never really knew whether it worked efficiently in my body or not. However, I wanted the protection of extra nutrition to make up for what I wasn’t getting in my food. My husband would take handfuls of lots of different vitamins and herbs as part of his daily health regime. Our vitamin and herbal supplement bill was quite hefty each month to say the least. Again, for the most part, he couldn’t really tell if they worked effectively either. I remember at one point switching to liquid vitamins after learning how often times the body isn’t able to assimilate and effectively breakdown the vitamin capsule at all. Our vitamin and herbal supplementation routine drastically changed seven years ago. With our new direction, we both began to feel the difference in our bodies, reaping many benefits. I think our valuable discovery is worth sharing.

When I started eating a whole food plant based diet, I started taking a super green powder as my multi vitamin. It was when I started taking that powder that I could actually feel the difference and health benefits in my body. That was a first for me and was really motivating. My energy levels soared and my immune system was amazingly strong. My body felt truly nourished at a cellular level for the first time. I might add, in addition to this new supplement, I was also eating a lot healthier than in the past. It wasn’t until years later that I discontinued my super green powder reasoning my diet was already complete with the needed vitamins and minerals. It took me a couple months of not feeling great and not having as strong of an immune system for me to realize what was sorely missing. I quickly reordered the powder and again started adding it to my daily smoothie. To this day it is still an essential part of my daily routine.

I am sure by now you are wondering exactly which super green powder I take. It is called Super Food Plus from Herbdoc.com. I have trusted many of his herbal cleanses and products over years because the quality is always absolutely incredible. Dr. Richard Schultz personally formulated the Super Food Plus powder specifically for his clients that were very ill, some with only weeks or months to live. They came to his clinic so nutritionally malnourished that he wanted to give them a supplement that would feed them and go into every cell immediately. This whole food nutrition would quickly strengthen them, giving them the energy they would need to start his rigorous healing programs. I personally saw the power of this super food when helping a dear and very sick friend of mine. Long story short, I was assisting her in a juice cleanse and brought my Super Food Plus along to give to her twice a day. In the beginning, she was so weak she could barely lift her head from bed as I fed it to her. She said she could feel it strengthen her body and I could literally see her perk up. She had a long road to recovery ahead of her, but happily she made it with Super Food Plus as one of her valued tools.

I hope that by sharing my personal experience, I am able to give someone a great supplement recommendation. Here’s to your optimum health and hoping you too can feel amazing vitality. 

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